Power up your communications with OneContact UC

OneContact UC is a web based communication suite that allows Office Phone users to communicate through different media (voice and instant messaging) without the need to perform any installation or configuration.

With a simplified user interface, accessible through a web browser, you can perform operations such as:

  • Manage your presence
  • Instant Messaging
  • Voice calls
  • Transfer calls
  • Conference calls
  • Call history
  • Open web applications through an integrated browsing window

All these are available through a product made with the most recent knowledge (HTML5 and WebRTC) that you can use anywhere with a laptop or any computer with a Google Chrome browser.

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OneContact CC release

The latest OneContact CC release brings some small but interesting improvements, that show Collab’s concern for tailoring its solution to customers’ needs:

  • Disable/Enable Change Ready State by Service at OneAgentFAT
    It was introduced a flag to OneAgentFAT configuration that allows the enable/disable of ‘ready’ state by service.
  • Auto-answer only applies to deliver
    Auto-answer has been disabled for situations when an agent calls another agent (extend or blind transfer) with service context. From now on, auto-answer only applies to delivers.

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Olibras and Collab take on the Brazilian contact center market

European contact center provider Collab has partnered with Olibras Telecom to take Brazilian companies to the next level – the cloud. Together, the two companies aim to tap into a potentially explosive new cloud business in one of the world’s largest telco markets. 

Master reseller Olibras introduced Collab’s Nubitalk offering alongside Plantronics and Panasonic, which will be key partners in Latin America. The channel-oriented event took place on July 5th at the Figueira Rubayat restaurant, in São Paulo, with more than 40 companies in attendance.

Collab, who specializes in multimedia solutions for the connected contact center, has a comprehensive strategy to broaden its footprint in Brazil, where companies are starting to migrate their contact centers to the cloud. Olibras will support the European software provider through a massive ecosystem of partners, now certified to sell and deploy Collab’s Nubitalk service. 

The master reseller is investing heavily to promote Nubitalk – a highly scalable, pay-per-use contact center service that allows for an omnichannel strategy managed through a single dashboard.

To entice current and new partners to come on board, Collab looks to develop their business opportunities, creating specific functionalities designed for each and every one of them. Olibras will fuel the ecosystem’s growth with the help of Plantronics and Panasonic, which are Collab-certified. 

“Brazil is one of the biggest contact center markets in Latin America, maybe one of the world’s largest after India and the Philippines,” said Carlos Vasconcelos, VP of Global Marketing, Collab. “This is the right moment to lead that movement into the cloud. Brazil already has  broadband services in place, solid data centers, and affordable communication services. It is well suited to gradually migrate to the cloud.”

The provider hopes to take its solutions to other Latin American countries, such as Argentina and Peru, by the end of 2017. 

Collab believes that companies will adopt an omnichannel strategy and move their contact centers from on premises infrastructures to cutting-edge cloud environments. This will generate a slew of new, personalized support solutions that are more efficient and satisfying. Nubitalk is the embodiment of this vision. 

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OneContact WFO – new release

OneContact WFO offers contact centers a complete, web-based workforce management suite with quality monitoring, e-learning and stunning user interfaces.

It is a great tool to:

  • Reduce uncertainty: forecasting and schedulling are crucial matters to guarantee the contact center’s operation.
  • Create shifts: plan and schedule shifts based on how skilled agents are at handling specific types of interactions.
  • Simplify complexity: comprehensive and flexible portal for all types of users, that allow effective use of the tool.
  • Monitor in real-time: important to make sure the contact center delivers on its SLAs.

The latest release ( brings some exciting enhancements to shift creation:

  1. Associate holiday periods to teams
  2. Compatibility of weekly leaves with night shifts
  3. Minimum rest time after leave

These changes are basically new rules that make the shift creation process easier and quicker.

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Gamification 2.2.0 – new release

Gamification is a tool to design behaviors, develop skills and enable innovation. Combined with other technologies and trends, gamification can cause major impact in innovation, employee performance, education, personal development and customer engagement.

The Collab Gamification engine uses your company’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to create Challenges, Achievements and Quests for agents. During or after these activities, agents can acquire points that can be used to purchase awards (CCC) or for career progression (XP). In order to monitor the activities and allocation of rewards, the Gamification platform provides graphical analysis and statistic data regarding the various indicators. As a result, it is possible to identify behavioral trends and react to situations that are not compatible with the company standards.

The latest release brings major improvements to the Gamification engine.

  • Comparison of KPIs with different scales
    When comparing two or more KPI’s with different scales, it was difficult to understand each KPI trend lines. From now on, each chart series is scaled in order to make trend analysis possible.This is very useful to have a comprehensive view of the Contact Center operation.
  • Black activity
    This allows the creation of quests with negative XP and CCC. This is an important tool for example to create penalties. Now, it is also possible to create quests with past start dates, which is great to incorporate past performance metrics.
  • Show medals info on agents’ profile and teams’ details
    It is now visible the 5 most recent medals won by the agent/team/workgroup.
  • Players ranking in challenge wallboard
    Players, teams or workgroups that have never won a challenge  but that have score different than 0, are now displayed in the challenge leaderboard for activities with threshold.
  • Filter agents by team on activity assignment
    Players can now be filtered by teams on activity assignment.
  • Improved graphics
    In order to make it easier to analyze graphic information, there is now a specific color for each kind of KPI: purple (XP charts), green (CC charts), yellow (Medal charts), orange (Badges), blue (KPIs).

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Outbound campaigns made easy

Outbound campaigns are a regular fixture in contact center daily operations and are used by companies for many purposes such as marketing campaigns or customer surveys. These campaigns are usually associated with large volumes of contacts and that’s why it’s so important to have effective outbound dialers.

Automatic outbound dialers come in many shapes but overall they contribute to increased performance, due to the fact that agents don’t need to dial each contact manually, which ultimately minimizes idle times and increases call rates.

When using Nubitalk’s outbound dialers, it is also possible to enrich contacts with information from CRM such as customer profile and contact history. This provides agents with all the information they need to address customer’s needs properly and to close more deals.

Outbound dialing methods available in Nubitalk:

  • Power dialing
    A campaign where contacts are established and then automatically delivered to your available agents;
  • Preview dialing
    A campaign where contact data is shown to the agent, and while previewing the contact, the agent can decide if he handles the contact, or not;
  • Predictive dialing
    A campaign where the system uses probabilistic calculations to have your agents working in full capacity;
  • Outbound IVR
    This dialing mode is similar to the predictive dialing but without the need of agent intervention to handle the calls. Calls will be automatically started and handled by an automatic IVR system, with the aid of a script designed in OneContact’s Microsoft Visio plug-in.

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Using OneContact with Salesforce is now easier

The Salesforce connector is a web application based on a simplified version of the OneAgent client application, which uses a plugin to provide basic operations like Login, Logout, Set Ready, etc., and telephony operations like Dial, Extend, Hold, Discard/Reschedule contacts.

To handle calls, it is required a softphone (such as Collab’s OnePhone) or a hardphone with the same extension as the one assigned to the agent.

This plugin integration is also responsible for communicating with a Salesforce API in order to register and close Salesforce-related activities when a call is initiated or terminated.

The dialed number/caller number is used to query Salesforce, and the results are maintained as links within the control, so that the user can have immediate access to the details of a particular contact.

This connector improves productivity by providing fast and easy access to accounts, contacts, cases, and other Salesforce objects directly related to incoming/outgoing calls.

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Nubitalk Release 2.1.0

The latest Nubitalk release brings some interesting features both to Office Phone and Contact Center modules.


Call monitoring is now available for extensions and can be easily configured, either to enable monitoring an extension or for an extension to be monitored. This is a great feature to ensure compliance to each company’s procedures.

Pick up is another great feature that we are introducing and it allows users to pick up calls from other extensions. This is particularly useful and convenient when a user wants to pick up a call that is ringing in a colleague’s extension.


In this module, it is now possible to open OneSupervisor within Nubitalk portal.*
With this integration, both supervisors and administrators can easily monitor and configure all contact center operations without having to sign in to multiple portals.

* this feature only applies to supervisors in the Nubitalk Advanced plan.

Stay tuned for more Nubitalk updates!


Bring your own SIP Trunk

Nubitalk enables you to bring your own carrier to the system through SIP Trunk. This allows you to choose a carrier that gives you the most favorable deal or just keep using your existing carrier.

BYOC is easily configurable in Nubitalk portal. However, before configuring your own SIP Trunk, make sure that:

  • The numbering plan format shall be E.164 prefixed by +.
  • The IPs must be public/Visible if in a VPN
  • The firewall should barrier source requested IPs
  • That your SIP Trunk is configured to connect to our specific IPs (please reach out to us for more information)

Nubitalk supports the following RFCs:Also, keep in mind the following restrictions:

    • SIP 2.0 – RFC3261
    • SDP – RFC2327
    • RTP – RFC3550
  • And the supported codecs are:
    • Audio: G711  alaw and ulaw
      • supported ptime is 20ms
  • DTMF tones:
    • DTMF tones can be over RTP according to IETF RFC 2833 (out band)
  • Also, the following following configurations are not supported by Nubitalk:
    • Multi-Part SDP
    • Silent suppression
    • Comfort noise

If you meet all these conditions, you are able to configure your own SIP Trunk in Nubitalk:

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Release OneContact

The latest OneContact (OC) release comes packed! Here are some of the new features OC customers can now enjoy:

OneContact (Messenger) – group messages by origin number
The agent can now see the last 50 instant messages from a given customer (same origin number), split by day. This means an agent can view all relevant past interactions for a given customer in one place.

OnePhone (Web) – integration in OneSupervior
OnePhone web supports voice and video and is now integrated with OneSupervisor to provide a better user experience.

OneAgent – notification about interactions
Agents are now notified about Push Interactions and must click to accept the interaction. This means that, once an interaction is received, agents are indeed ready to handle it.

OneContactService (ServerManager) – criteria for supervisor help request
When an agent requests help, supervisors are contacted according to the following criteria:

1. Random order within available Team Supervisors;
2. Random order within available Service Supervisors.

This allows a better work distribution between supervisors.

For more information on additional product enhancements and bug fixes, please read the full release note or contact us.