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A Gartner research demonstrates that even with cloud computing entering its second decade.

Web Summit 2016
Collab invited to exhibit in Web Summit 2016

We are pleased to announce that Collab was selected to participate in one of the world’s most influential tech events, the Web Summit.

Collab wins SugarCRM contest in the U.S.A.

Collab was the big winner of the “App Throwdown” contest, held by SugarCRM, in San Francisco, U.S.A.


Collab is a European Multimedia Contact Center provider, fully based on IP architecture. Its portfolio includes OneContact CC, OneContact WFO and OneContact PBX, available in “on premises” and cloud models.

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OneContact CC

OneContact CC is a multimedia contact center solution, IP-based, offering a complete and integrated communications management for voice, video, email, instant messaging and social networks (Facebook and Twitter). Its architecture - 100% SIP standard - meets the need for a contact center more flexible, scalable and profitable.

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OneContact PBX

OneContact PBX is a powerful multi-tenant SIP Based IP PBX solution that provides flexibility and easy browser based management of all tenants, with fixed mobile convergence between mobile, physical and softphones.

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OneContact WFO

OneContact WFO powers contact centers with a complete workforce management suite and includes tools such as quality monitoring, e-learning and user friendly interfaces.

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Nubitalk Cloud Portal

Nubitalk Cloud Portal allows to create a contact center and PBX in the cloud in a few minutes. Includes web based agent application, mobile softphone and operator console (iOS, Android and Windows Phone).

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