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The Bimodal IT strategy - two converging realities

The technology industry has been constantly evolving due to the proliferation of digital and cloud solutions. In the last decade there was an increased adoption of on premises based models, characterized by being robust, effective and safe, but the truth is that cloud solutions respond to a new set of challenges for which the traditional models are not prepared.

Businesses are increasingly fluid, require speed, agility, innovation and IT organizations need a flexible structure that answers to operational needs with reduced costs.

Some IT companies have understood that it would not be possible to eliminate all the investment made in the past and simply go forward as digital “start-ups”, so they decided to invest in a bimodal strategy. In this concept, two different methodologies can coexist in the same company and may span across different teams. One consists in maintaining reliability, stability and product safety, while other drives flexibility and efficient responses to agile customer needs.

The benefits of investing in a CCaS solution translate into:

• Agility in responding to new customer requirements;
• Ability to increase or reduce services according to operational needs;
• Flexible connectivity costs, included in the IVR or in the price of the agent seat, allowing price adjustments according to seasonal periods;
• Ability to add new channels without operational impact;

Collab agrees with a bimodal strategy where on-premises can be combined with cloud, and recommends its usage both in the SME market and in many mission critical scenarios, namely in Banking, Insurance and Government related contact centers.

With the “Cloud Portal Nubitalk”, solution, fully featured Contact Centers or PBXs can be created in under 5 minutes.

If you wish to read more about Gartner’s Bimodal approach to contact centers, please contact us.