Mobile Apps

As enterprises adopt IP-based voice systems, it becomes easier and less expensive to support multiple types of endpoint devices, including mobile phones and tablets.

Users would benefit from having their mobile devices become part of the enterprise voice and data infrastructure, in order to truly benefit from the advantages of mobile Unified Communications.


Collab has incorporated mobility into its core strategy and our next -generation IP contact center portfolio will empower the mobile enterprise.

The state-of-the-art mobile apps for iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone allows you to real-time monitor your contact center activity.

As a Supervisor you can follow your services and agents, compare real and planned indicators and always keep track of your SLA… while away from the contact center. Analyse graphical charts and stay on focus with push notifications of emergent situations. View your KPIs and compare to their planned counterparts to immediately identity deviations.

If you need to engage as mobile contact center agent, launch the app and start receiving GSM or VoIP calls while keeping track of your service’s statistics and managing your ready/not ready states as if you were on an agent desktop. If you need to manage your workforce availability, use the app to consult your working schedules, submitting vacation requests, trade working schedules with other agents, send and receive messages to/from your contact center supervisors and submit schedule constraints requests anywhere and anytime.

A supervisor can use the app to answer the agent’s requests and receive their messages.

This allows your contact center to react in a quick and active manner to everyday issues like missing agents or schedule switch between agents.

Engage with your contact center - anywhere and anytime!