Social Media

Customer Service in Social Media

The use of social media is a worldwide reality. Studies show that about 30% of the population uses, in a regular basis, various platforms, including Facebook with 1.5 billion of active users. On mobile devices, it is estimated that by 2015, the total exceeds the 2 billion. (Source:

Social media platforms will continue to conquer new users and brands have already realized the power of these new communication tools. The majority of the companies have social presence, but is still lacking an established communication strategy or an Omni-channel approach.

Social networks are as important as any other channel. Customers expect to have a cohesive customer experience and see their issue resolved efficiently, regardless the type of channel they use.

Companies struggle to provide an effective customer experience through social media aligned with the company´s strategy. For this reason, Collab ensures through OneContact CC platform, that all the communication via Facebook and Twitter is managed under the same guidelines used for the other channels.


OneContact CC Social Media ensures:
• That through Facebook or Twitter, any post or tweet is automatically delivered to the Contact Center;
• Compliance with all established distribution rules, supervision and monitoring criteria;
• The agent receives all the notifications from social media channels directly in his agent application;
• Unified client history for all communication channels;
• Tracking and monitoring of all the interactions in an integrated manner in order to improve service quality;

As a strategy advice, Collab recommends alongside with Gartner the integration of social media with CRM technology. The organizations that include in their CRM strategy all the information coming from social media will gain a better knowledge of the preferences, moods, needs and aspirations of their customers.