All internet-accessible services are subject to attacks, and VoIP services like OneContact  CC and OneContact PBX are no exception.

The most common type is a brute-force attack that tries to guess a user’s SIP password and thus gain access to the user’s account.

Another type is inundating the server with register and invite requests, overloading the server as it tries to authentication every single request.

The SIP server often becomes unresponsive or even crashes, affecting legitimate users.

 What can we do about it?

The major concern is to block these attacks as soon as possible without affecting the legitimate users.

OneSIPConnector has an intelligent firewall system that can identify and tell an attacking request from a legitimate one.

How does it work?

Using advanced heuristics, OneSIPConnector analyses everysingle request for type, number and some other characteristics.

When detecting an attack, the firewall automatically logs the information and blocks a specific source IP address and port number, an IP address or, a range of IP addresses.

OneSIPConnector also monitors its own health status (cpu and memory consumption) and takes appropriate action to ensure normal operation continuity.

With this active protection in place, it is possible to detect and stop an attacker without affecting legitimate users.

OneSIPConnector ensures robust, stable and smooth operation.


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