CCW 2018 Berlin

Call Center World 2018 is one of the most relevant conferences in the field, targeting topics from AI to Digital Transformation, Customer touchpoints, Communications in real time and customer requirements of the future.

Attendees will have the opportunity to meet Executives, Directors, Experts and Managers from different sectors and top companies around the world.

Check below our Trade Show Agenda:

Monday, 26.02.2018

From 8.30 Registration and reception

9.10 Opening of the innovation day

9.20 Establish a comprehensive culture of innovation by adapting to corporate culture
• Management philosophy for medium-sized companies
• LED transformation and digitalisation – two disruptions changing the industry
• Adapting to corporate culture to meet these challenges
Johannes Huxol, Board Member, TRILUX Holding GmbH, Arnsberg

9.50 A new path for journalism
• What readers expect from media companies in the digital world
• How publishing houses can adapt their offer to these requirements
• How to make digital transformation successful within a company
Lutz Knappmann, Head of Editorial Innovation, Süddeutsche Zeitung Digitale Medien, Munich

10.20 Virtual Reality – Learning in another dimension
• TeamBank AG in the digital world
• Learning in virtual reality
• Experiences and overview
Christoph Berger, Head of Department at PartnerServiceCenter, TeamBank AG, Nuremberg
Markus Hornaff, Trainer at PartnerServiceCenter, TeamBank AG, Nuremberg

10.50 Coffee and networking break

11.20 From expensive service to expensive customers
• Value orientation in customer care
• Adapting customer contact points to the customer journey
• Artificial intelligence alone is not enough – effective self-management for contact centre agents
Christian Kuhlbrodt, Head of Customer Care, PAYBACK GmbH, Munich

11.50 From glasses to complete digital value-creation packages
• How we transformed glasses into part of our modern brand management process in the drinks industry
• Digitalising the glass – the RASTAL Smartglass concept
• Benefits for the customer: the drinks industry, gastronomy and the consumer
Thomas Nieraad, CEO, RASTAL GmbH & Co. KG, Höhr-Grenzhausen

12.20 Man versus Machine. Cisco’s vision of the future of customer experience
• The future of human versus chatbot interactions in the customer journey
• Understand the impact on both small and large contact centres
• Get a clear idea of Cisco’s vision with real life examples
Roger Verburgt, Manager Business Development – Customer Experience EMEAR, Cisco Systems, Amsterdam

 12.50 Group business lunch

Transform the way you think about service
Chair: Christian Hagemann, Head of Customer Services, Prophete GmbH & Co. KG
Markus Rebitzky, Head of Internal Sales,
FRIMA Deutschland GmbH Innovation Digitalisation and artificial intelligence

17.45 Transfer to the Estrel Congress Center

From 18.00 CCW wine & talk at the LiveCallCenterDesign by HCD


Tuesday, 27.02.2018

From 8.30 Registration and reception

9.10 Opening of the CCW 2018

9.30 How the digitalisation of society and communication with our customers is changing
• Infrastructure
• Platform capitalism
• Artificial intelligence
Sascha Lobo, Internet Pioneer & Digital Philosopher, Berlin

10.15 Who we are and what we want – the digital generation explained by a digital native
• The future of work: how the digital generation is revolutionising the world of work
• How companies can inspire millennials as customers and make them loyal employers
• Why smart companies will be investing in digital natives in the future
Philipp Riederle, Entrepreneur, Digital Native, Digital Scout, Burgau

11.00 Coffee and networking break

11.30 Disruption in the economy – how certain companies are winning the race
• Anglo-American networking techniques
• Bringing technological potential to the fore
• Managing company transformation
René Schuster, Co-Chairman, Ex-CEO Telefonica, Munich

12.00 Panel discussion:
Digitalisation and its effects on customer dialogue

12.30 Group business lunch – networking and visit to the trade show

14.00 “Learn and Laugh”
A humorous presentation on better service quality and service culture will keep attendees laughing throughout
the morning and afternoon of both days of the conference. Because service can be fun, too!
Armin Nagel, Comedy Speaker, Moderator and Service Expert

14.15 Customer 2025 – the rise of the omnibrand
• The customer service IQ: artificial, emotional and technical intelligence
• Virtual and actual realities in customer service management
• The omnibrand: cross market customer journeys and new customer service ecosystems
Heinrich Welter, VP Sales and General Manager for the DACH Region, Genesys, Munich

14.45 Customer service meets digitalisation
• Customer service with AI: a contradiction?
• Management and communication in the digital age – is knowledge management the future for service centres?
• IBM Watson@VKB
Isabel Martorell-Nassl, Director Operations, Versicherungskammer Bayern, Munich
Digital transformation as a challenge of the future
Chair: Albert Klotz, Head of Customer Service, PARSHIP ELITE Group GmbH
Rainer Wilmers, Managing Director, CosmosDirekt

15.15 USPs: intelligent use of people
• HI versus AI – human intelligence versus artificial intelligence
• Emotional competence
• Humans are social beings and need natural interpersonal touch points.
Johannes Bausch, Managing Director, Deutscher Spendenhilfsdienst – DSH GmbH, Cologne

15.35 Mindset change for corporations
• Prioritising digitalisation as an opportunity for growth
• Changing up structures – e-commerce sales as a company staple
• Offline sales = online sales? A hypothetical sales scenario
Alexander Hally, Head of Strategic Partner Management, MCM Klosterfrau Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH, Cologne

15.55 Panel discussion:
Digitalisation strategies – what we can learn from one another

16.15 Coffee and networking break
16.45 “Learn and Laugh”
17.00 Artificial intelligence – are we still more intelligent than robots?
• Possibilities vs. pure fantasy What can AI do and what can it not do?
• Chances vs. risks: How can we use AI responsibly?
• What to do: How you can start to benefit from AI and arm yourself for the future.
Dr. Boris Nikolai Konrad, Neuroscientist, Memory Expert and World Record Holder

18.00 New: the CAt Digital Award live
This future-oriented award will be presented for the first time for the realisation of an extraordinary project in the area of ‘Digital Transformation
of Customer Service’. Five finalists will have 5 minutes each to present their projects.
The audience and the jury then cross-examine the candidates. The jury and audience then choose a winner on a 50:50 basis.
Vote for your favourite on the CCW app.

18.30 Presentation of the CAt-Award 2018
Presentation of the Call Center Manager Award of the Year for Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
The award for the CAt Digital Award will then be presented.
Presented by Florian König, Moderator and Sports Reporter (RTL)

19.30 Get-together over a buffet
Celebrate with the winners and relax after a day packed with excitement.


Wednesday, 28.02.2018

8.45 Introduction to the 2nd conference day

9.00 Engage with customers by selecting the right channels where you can truly make a difference
• The customer doesn’t know best (what to choose… we need to guide them!)
• Omnichannels are not the answer
• Service = marketing
Daan van der Mijden, Director Customer Service, Samsung Electronics Benelux, Schiphol

9.30 From in-house call centre to customer-oriented service provider
• The end of the low-cost call centre experiment – what now?
• A balancing act between quality and cost
• Change management as a challenge in new public management
Ute Hablesreiter, Head of Customer Care, GIS Gebühren Info Service GmbH, Vienna

10.00 The customer in focus
• Is the ‘one size fits all’ approach to customer service still relevant?
• Gain customers through customer service
• Does service also have limits? Or is there such thing as too much of a good thing?
Lars Keßler, Service Director, HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES Deutschland GmbH, Dusseldorf

10.30 Coffee and networking break

11.00 “Learn and Laugh”

11.15 The organisation of the future – how we’ve said goodbye to hierarchies and organigrammes
• Is work without hierarchies possible?
• ‘Hidden secrets’ and the biggest lessons we’ve learnt from experiments with democracy, agility and independent work
• Success factors for more speed and flexibility
Sirka Laudon, Director of HR, Deutsche Bahn – DB Vertrieb GmbH, Frankfurt/Main

11.45 Profiling: The power of knowing people
• Who should be profiled?
• The art of seeing through posers, unmasking fools and getting rid of psychopaths
• Find excellent performers and keep them loyal to your company
Suzanne Grieger-Langer, Profiler, Educator, Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Best-Selling Author and Lecturer, Frankfurt/M.

12.45 Group business lunch – networking and visit to the trade show

14.10 Exchange in the specialist forums

15.45 Coffee and networking break – transfer to the plenum

16.15 “Learn and Laugh”

16.30 Swarming and evolution of the pit stop model as the way forward for customer service
• Offering a new, collaborative approach to fix the broken customer support model
• Providing a set of processes, tools and people practices that help people come together and solve problems
• Real life examples and best practices that organisations can adopt to get their support models right and
put the customer right at the centre again
Arun Mani, Managing Director Continental Europe, Freshworks, Berlin

17.00 Breaking news – keeping an ear to the market
Talk to industry experts about brand new topics –
bring any questions you have along with you.

17.30 Digitalisation in the B2B sector – tackling challenges and recognising opportunities
• BigData and AR – digital support for the service of the future
• Optimising customer communication – how to implement chatbots efficiently
• Heating system networks – comfort and functional reliability
Michael Weber, Head of International Service Division, Viessmann Heizsysteme GmbH, Allendorf (Eder)

From 18.15 VIP tour of theLiveCallCenterDesign by HCD

19.00 20 years of CCW… Let’s celebrate!

Networking and entertainment at the CCW party 2018


Thursday, 01.03.2018

From 8.30 Registration and reception
9.00 IBM Watson – cognitive support in the field of customer interactions/relationships
• IBM Watson Technologie – the bridge between Skynet and Siri
• A new and intelligent type of customer communication
• Rethinking customer management with IBM Watson
Barbara Koch, Industry Platform/Watson Leader, IBM Deutschland, Ehningen

9.45 An AI pilot in the customer service industry – product recommendation
• AI in customer service: Important milestones at DocMorris
• The uses: What does AI have to offer us in customer communication?
• Technical frameworks and data protection: What are the potential hurdles?
Matthias Murin, Director Customer Operations, Versandapotheke DocMorris N.V., Heerlen, the Netherlands

10.15 In dialogue with Verena Fink:
AI and neuronal networks in customer service of the future?
Professor Dr. Norbert Link, Intelligent Systems Research Group at the Institute for Applied Research, Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences, Karlsruhe

10.45 Coffee and networking break

11.15 Use cases: concrete applications and experiences of AI
• Procedure for developing use cases
• Experiences implementing AI projects
• Examples of the effects of AI on business models
Miriam Hechler, Director Marketing and Business Strategy, Bosch, Frankfurt/M.

11.45 We want your input
Listeners’ questions: we turn questions into action.
Ask questions and share ideas based on what you’ve learnt at the conference. We answer concrete,
practical questions with the help of swarm intelligence

12.30 Group business lunch
13.45 Empowering digital life: Is the best service digital?
• Digital transformation
• Customer service over the ages
• Digital innovations in customer service
Elke Schaffer, Director Customer Service & Sales, A1 Telekom Austria AG, Vienna

14.30 AI meets swarm intelligence – the new form of collaboration between man and machine
in customer interaction
• What are the benefits of swarm intelligence in the era of analyses and prognoses?
• How can organisations collect shared knowledge about the future?
• How can AI connect to, integrate and support the swarm?
• How does this influence the quality and self-conception of the call centre industry?
Sven Bruck, Author, Columnist and Founder of NOAH digital, Wuppertal

15:15 Coffee and networking break

15.45 Science fiction or reality? Which technologies do we need for our service?
• Retro futurism and ‘Back to the Future’ The service of tomorrow
• Fan fiction: Are our customers ready for the future?
• 2018 – welcome to reality What really works?
Frank Schmidt, Vice President Operations Management Customer Service, Sky Deutschland Fernsehen GmbH & Co. KG, Unterföhring

16.15 Decoding customer motives
• Understanding decision making processes in sales
• When technology supports customer decisions
• Empathy vs. artificial intelligence
Oliver Burgdorf, VP New Mobile, Telekom

16.45 End 


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