Edenred Portugal Case Study

Collab and Edenred Portugal implemented OneContact CC, a cloud contact center fully integrated with Salesforce Lightning. This case study explains the challenges and the impact of the implementation of the solution.

“Edenred and Collab has been a very happy partnership. On the IT side, I have a stable tool, which allows my IT team to be serene and focused on key business areas. On the operation side, we had a series of gains, mainly in the efficiency of our customer service. For the sales team, the efficiency and speed of the sale increased. The Collab team has given a spectacular response throughout the implementation and facilitated the adaptation when changing tools”

João Piaguaçu Corrêa, IT & Operations Director, Edenred Portugal

About Edenred Portugal

Edenred Portugal specializes in Employee Benefits, Incentive & Rewards, and expense management. The Contact Center of Edenred Portugal has four teams for support and sales. Together, the teams account for around 40 agents, depending on the time of the year.


Edenred Portugal is keen to provide a good, engaging, and smooth customer experience that drives loyalty and satisfaction. That was the main driver to begin conversations with Collab and deploy a new software solution for the Contact Center. For Edenred factors such as high-quality voice calls and service continuity were a key point to address. Another crucial element was to provide seamless integration with Edenred’s CRM (SalesForce Lightning). Unsuccessful integrations may result in scattered customer data, forcing agents to continually swap between applications, fill repetitive fields of information, and manage leads in a lengthy and mostly manual procedure.


Edenred needed to improve their inbound and outbound service. They were looking for a stable, scalable cloud solution that streamlined all channels of communication and provided seamless integration with Salesforce. High-quality parameters for voice calls were a priority. Edenred required a quick implementation with a smooth and attentive transition.


Streamlined, unified, and intuitive

The upgrade in the user experience was notorious for Edenred. The agents are automatically able to see each customer’s issue and conversation history, regardless of the channel the customer chose to contact the company on. Agents can manage customer phone calls and email interactions directly within the Salesforce environment. All information about the customer information and interaction history is stored and displayed. The client support team has no longer to switch between platforms or ask time-consuming questions because they have every information about the customer at hand.

More results, happier people

Having a greater context about the customers makes support easier. That improved the rate and speed of issue resolution and fostered more personalized and attentive interactions, making customers way happier. Edenred had a very significant improvement in customer service abandon rate, which is now below 5% thanks to the quality of the queue management algorithm. The outbound team has increased its productivity regarding the number of calls they perform daily. Before, they had to use an external call bar. With Collab, they have a build-in softphone inside Salesforce that makes call management more comfortable and smoother.

On top of that, OneContact CC has to click to dial technology, so there is no need to dial a number because it takes only a click to perform a call. Not only are customers receiving better and more personal support, but Edenred’s employees are also happier. An internal survey to OneContact CC users at Edenred attributed the highest grade point to the new contact center solution (5 out of 5!)


Edenred OneContact CC is deployed in Nubitalk, the Collab’s cloud-powered by Microsoft® Azure. Azure has the most comprehensive set of certifications of any cloud service provider and is present in 55 regions, more than any other cloud provider. For Edenred, the gains are

considerable: according to João, they have lowered internal costs. Since the IT team has no maintenance and upkeep to do, they can focus on other aspects of the business. As for the future, Edenred assumes that Collab is influencing their roadmap. The next plans include continuous adaptation to the ever-evolving audience needs and guaranteeing personalized and self-service customer support while empowering lead generation strategies.

Watch João Piaguaçu Corrêa, IT & Operations Director from Edenred, talking about of OneContact CC and its benefits.

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