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15 customer experience summit


Estamos orgullosos de patrocinar este evento en asociación con IPCOM NETWORK ( Pase por nuestro stand y compruebe nuestro gran espacio para hablar,10 de mayo, Salon2, 2:30 p.m., donde Aitor Galindo hablará sobre “WhatsApp asistido por Chatbots – Los factores que impulsan a los Centros de Contacto de la última generación”. — Visit us in […]

LeaderBoard 2.7.0

Gamification 2.7.0 New Release

Gamification 2.7.0 introduces significant improvements on the platform, making it easier to navigate and extract relevant information regarding players’ activity: Check the last login timestamp and total amount of players’ logins A daily email can now be sent to players with an activity summary Credits’ evolution graphic was added, showing agents used and available credits […]

OneContactUC 3.0.0

OneContact UC 3.0.0

OneContact UC latest version simplifies daily tasks and unifies login to the plataform:   Users are now able to use Collab’s new Identity Server – OneContact Login   When opening OneContactUC in another tab/browser/device, the previous session is automatically closed.   User is capable to log in and log out of the respective services, via […]

seeing the future dubai

The Next Generation Contact Centre

Contact Centers have come a long way, evolving from a single channel deployment to an Omnichannel offering, contributing to an ubiquitous customer experience, where AI has a central role between human and machine interaction. Furthermore, companies need to be prepared to assist the customer independently of the channel being used and be ready to integrate […]

gamification 2.7.0 release

Gamification 2.6.0 New Release

Gamification 2.6.0 brings efficient enhancements to the platform, facilitating user experience and unifying the user interface when logging in. It is now possible to access the platform via OneLogin, which is already being used for other products such as OneContact CC or OneContact PBX. In the same way, Azure SQL Database is already being supported. […]

wfo release

OneContact WFO v2.2.0.0 New Release

OneContact WFO version The latest OneContact WFO version is the first one to include the brand new OnePlan HTML5 version. Keeping in mind that Flash technology will no longer be supported by 2020, here at Collab, we are already looking ahead and working on a fully OneContact WFO migration to HTML5, starting off […]


OneContactCC New Release

The latest OneContact CC release brings significant enhancements to the platform, contributing to a greater user experience, increased performance and efficiency to OneContact CC. Agent login is easier than ever with the automatic login feature allowing to a smoother and quick login for the agent. As an example, in case the automatic login feature is […]

OneContact WFO

OneContact WFO New Release

With OneContact WFO, managers and supervisors have the possibility to import data via Azure environment while working on a platform compatible with Azure SQL. A new data importation solution has been developed for situations when WFO is in the Nubitalk (cloud environment) and the Contact Center solution is On-Premises. With this new update, a […]

CCW 2018 Berlin

Call Center World 2018 Berlin

Call Center World 2018 is one of the most relevant conferences in the field, targeting topics from AI to Digital Transformation, Customer touchpoints, Communications in real time and customer requirements of the future. Attendees will have the opportunity to meet Executives, Directors, Experts and Managers from different sectors and top companies around the world. Check […]

COLLAB Contact Center Software celebrating success

Collab 2017 Results

Collab reports outstanding growth in 2017 Fueled by its innovative contact center technologies,  Collab had one of its best years yet in 2017. Overall revenue grew by 25% year on year, driven by an impressive 110% jump in the company’s Software-as-a-Service offering Nubitalk. As the number of SaaS seats increase, Collab expects exponential growth in […]