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Nubitalk keeps getting better

The latest version of Nubitalk (released today) has an improved UX and multi-language support. Nubitalk portal is now available in French and Portuguese (Brazil). These improvements arise from Nubitalk’s continuous commitment to be a truly intuitive tool that can be used with little to no training. It is also another step towards making Nubitalk as […]

Releasing OneContact WFO

We are excited to announce a newversion of Billige fodboldtrøjer tilbud OneContact WFO New features include: » Ability to copy shift schedules from existing agents without having to configure them one by one; » Simplification of leave days configuration by allowing the user to create rules for dynamic leave days situations. To read the […]

Releasing OneContact Quality Monitoring 2.0.3

We are excited to announce a new version of OneContact QualityMonitoring (QM) that focus on simplifying access and operations management. A new set of features make this possible: Integration with OneContact CC The OneContact QM 2.0.3 version is now fully integrated with the latest OneContact CC versions (including 2.5.4), which means users can now fully […]

Collab won “Global Technology Award” (Gold) at APCC’s International Conference

Portuguese Contact Centers Association (APCC) held its 13th Annual International Conference, an event that gathers national industry exerts. This year’s discussion was about synergies between bots and humans in handling contact center interactions Collab was present alongside Microsoft, to discuss augmented reality in contact centers, where bots in articulation with human agents can revolutionize customers’ […]

Are Chatbots the Right Answer for Every Customer Interaction?

 As you can imagine, the benefits of chatbots for online brands are plentiful: They give users instant responses to their queries They offer 24/7 assistance They speed up business processes They’re awesome! But: Are chatbots the right answer for every customer interaction?  In this article, we’re going to look at why chatbots are needed and […]

New Generation of Interactive Self-Service

The focus in the customer and in providing an excellent experience is transforming the way companies operate. Consumers seek personalized solutions and businesses should be able to go beyond the presence in multiple channels, offering a standard and omnichannel service. Furthermore, studies show an evolution in consumer behaviour, 73% of the individuals mentioned that valuing […]

OneContact eLearning – Training Management System

Contact centers are usually the first point of contact for customers, especially in emergency cases and in complex situations like technical support, complaints, product information, among others. To respond effectively to increasingly high expectations, agents need to be constantly updated on products, services and campaigns. Therefore, training and upgrading of individual / collective skills is critical, not only for contact […]

Have you a got a “Voice of the Customer” (VoC) strategy?

The proliferation of digital solutions allowed customers to have control over business… today, we are living in “the age of the customer”. Consumers want to be able to contact your company, on their preferred channel (voice, e-mail, web, social media, etc.), then expect a fast effortless service culminating with a consistent and personalized experience across […]