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Are Chatbots the Right Answer for Every Customer Interaction?

 As you can imagine, the benefits of chatbots for online brands are plentiful: They give users instant responses to their queries They offer 24/7 assistance They speed up business processes They’re awesome! But: Are chatbots the right answer for every customer interaction?  In this article, we’re going to look at why chatbots are needed and […]

The magic of Quality Assurance

Collab’s offers three major applications in its portfolio: OneContact CC, OneContact PBX and OneContact WFO. From an end user point of view, to create an inbound service, to setup a hunting group or to generate a team schedule are quite easy, simple and intuitive tasks. But in its core, all three product are multilayered and […]

Instant messaging and Unified communications

People must be able to communicate in real-time even when there is some kind of physical barriers between them. Different devices like cell phones, tablets and laptops should be used for communicating. The kind of communication is also changing: people don’t want to establish a voice call, theywant to establish a voice call and send […]

With CRM I’ve seen plenty – the Good, the Bad then This (real story)

The other day I got an email from a bank in which I have small savings with but no regular account movements. The email said I had the right customer profile to be eligible for an American Express card without any yearly fees or added costs.. So “Mr Carlos just click here and we will get you […]

PCI Compliance… To be or not to be?

About Compliance (in general) and PCI compliance (in specific) Compliance issues go well beyond the contact center activity and provide a classic example of the importance of distinct roles in organizations: For the business, compliance is simply a set of rules to be followed, and, if the rules are followed, the business considers itself to […]