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CollabXperience’ 19 Awards

CollabXperience it’s more than an event: it’s a celebration. A celebration of our partnerships. They challenge us to keep growing and drive our strategy forward. CollabXperience is an exclusive, invite only event that gathers industry leading companies and experts for a two-day event. The 2019 edition took place from October 2nd to October 4th, at […]

The 5 Call Centers KPIs that you should be tracking

Choosing the important metrics in a plethora of KPIs and indicators can be overwhelming. As a result, most supervisors and managers keep track of a handful of KPIs and focus solemnly on their variances. Indicators are important and insightful, but they give you a small scope of the contact center’s overall performance. If we see […]

Chart panel OneForecast Collab

OneContactWFO New Release

With OneContact WFO newest version, OneForecast authentication has been improved and full migration to HTML5 has been implemented: ✓ Create Chart Panel ✓ Create Top and Lateral Menus ✓ Create ForecastList ✓ Generic Enhancements The Chart Panel view is where the user can find detailed information about the KPIs for each service associated to the forecast and where time […]

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Nubitalk 2.1.7 New Release

With Nubitalk 2.1.7 new release, sign-in and logout pages can be customized, offering enhanced value to resellers’ client base. Furthermore, it is also possible to import phone extension lists and use a 3rd party SIP phone extension: Redirect users to specific webpages when signing-in and logging out from the webportal Upload extension list in .xls […]