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CollabXperience’ 19 Awards

CollabXperience it’s more than an event: it’s a celebration. A celebration of our partnerships. They challenge us to keep growing and drive our strategy forward. CollabXperience is an exclusive, invite only event that gathers industry leading companies and experts for a two-day event. The 2019 edition took place from October 2nd to October 4th, at […]

The 5 Call Centers KPIs that you should be tracking

Choosing the important metrics in a plethora of KPIs and indicators can be overwhelming. As a result, most supervisors and managers keep track of a handful of KPIs and focus solemnly on their variances. Indicators are important and insightful, but they give you a small scope of the contact center’s overall performance. If we see […]

Customer Advocacy Program

Building a trustworthy community We celebrate customers who take time to engage with us and advocate on our behalf. We believe that to embrace the future we must work together. We have developed an Advocacy Program where everybody wins: we build trust and gain positive exposure, and you enhance your reputation and receive several other […]

Chart panel OneForecast Collab

OneContactWFO New Release

With OneContact WFO newest version, OneForecast authentication has been improved and full migration to HTML5 has been implemented: ✓ Create Chart Panel ✓ Create Top and Lateral Menus ✓ Create ForecastList ✓ Generic Enhancements The Chart Panel view is where the user can find detailed information about the KPIs for each service associated to the forecast and where time […]

3rd party Extension Softphone

Nubitalk 2.1.7 New Release

With Nubitalk 2.1.7 new release, sign-in and logout pages can be customized, offering enhanced value to resellers’ client base. Furthermore, it is also possible to import phone extension lists and use a 3rd party SIP phone extension: Redirect users to specific webpages when signing-in and logging out from the webportal Upload extension list in .xls […]