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Whatsapp integration

Launching the official WhatsApp API connector

The use of digital channels for customer support is rising and Whatsapp is becoming a dominant messaging player in most countries outside the United States. Collab is officially announcing the release of a fully supported Whatsapp connector and API, based on the concepts below: Key Benefits Fully featured integration, including the option to combine with […]

Gamification 2.10.0 New Release

Gamification 2.10.0 introduces significant improvements on the platform making it more customizable: 1.Animated activities: when a player enters a challenge he can see an animation displaying the position of each player in a trackline. 2. Complete player list: Administrators have now access to the complete list of players according to the amount of medals they […]

portal release 1.9.0

OneContact Portal 1.9.0 – New Release

We have been migrating OneSupervisor into our renewed OneContact Portal, the next generation Contact Center solution developed by Collab. This suite will include our entire range of products, available on cloud and on premises, available in a single interface. OneContact Portal will allow you to monitor, provision and analyze the historical activity of the Contact […]

Chart panel OneForecast Collab

OneContactWFO New Release

With OneContact WFO newest version, OneForecast authentication has been improved and full migration to HTML5 has been implemented: ✓ Create Chart Panel ✓ Create Top and Lateral Menus ✓ Create ForecastList ✓ Generic Enhancements The Chart Panel view is where the user can find detailed information about the KPIs for each service associated to the forecast and where time […]

WFO- Release

OneContact WFO New Release

With OneContact WFO latest release, User Interface has been improved, facilitating navigation and overall experience on the application. This release is the first one to include the new OneMonitor HTML5 version as well as the first version of the new OneContactWFO Main page (developed in HTML5):   Concernign OneMonitor and OneWorkForce main updates: ✓ Create […]


OneContact CC

With OneContact CC, supervisors and managers have brand new options available concerning recordings’ compression, resetting statistics according to local time zone and configuring record management options by instance. Supervisors are now able to decide what type of compression they want to use, when exporting recordings. For example, a high compression means a high CPU […]

LeaderBoard 2.7.0

Gamification 2.7.0 New Release

Gamification 2.7.0 introduces significant improvements on the platform, making it easier to navigate and extract relevant information regarding players’ activity: Check the last login timestamp and total amount of players’ logins A daily email can now be sent to players with an activity summary Credits’ evolution graphic was added, showing agents used and available credits […]

OneContactUC 3.0.0

OneContact UC 3.0.0

OneContact UC latest version simplifies daily tasks and unifies login to the plataform:   Users are now able to use Collab’s new Identity Server – OneContact Login   When opening OneContactUC in another tab/browser/device, the previous session is automatically closed.   User is capable to log in and log out of the respective services, via […]

OneContact PBX 3.0.0

OneContact PBX 3.0.0 New Release

  With OneContact PBX 3.0.0, User Interface and User Experience have been improved, making it easier to login and authenticate on the web portal: Hunting groups can now be upgraded to services. The user is now able to log in and log out from the services/group that is associated with, allowing to receive or block […]