The new Cloud Portal 2.1.3 welcomes exciting updates concerning call extensions, Customer Interaction Hub (CIH) and agents’ multiple sessions, contributing with greater insights and enhancing the decision-making process

  • Defining waiting queues in extensions
  • Greater information detail on CDR Reports
  • Agent’s multiple sessions enhanced configuration

It is now possible to define waiting queues on different extensions (either physical, mobile, softphone or operator console), therefore minimizing missed calls and potentially increase agents’ performance. Moreover, when editing an extension with recording activated, supervisors can also choose to monitor the call. If needed, supervisors and administrators can also use TextToSpeech or an existing audio file to configure the welcoming message.


Regarding the Customer Interaction Hub (CIH), each interaction history is now visible to supervisors, independently of the media type, contributing to a more detailed report and provide insightful information for the decision-making process.


Concerning agents’ multiple sessions, supervisors can now setup the number of possible interactions per agent, allowing agents to respond simultaneously to phone calls and interactions via email, social media, video, instant messaging…


Overall, the newest updates allow supervisors to have access to more insights and at the same time help agents to maximize their time.

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