Collab 2017 Highlights

2017 was a memorable year, with plenty of useful product releases, memorable events along the way, important prizes won, a growing social media presence and record numbers regarding clients and partners achieved.

Relevant releases concerning Nubitalk, such as the portal availability in Brazilian-Portuguese and French, integration with SugarCRM and more recently the possibility to supply tenants with a custom domain (with Nubitalk 2.1.5) contributed to differentiate Collab’s portfolio from the competition, empowering supervisors and managers.


Other products, such as Gamification, introduced useful features, such as the possibility to create supervisor roles (and assign respective teams), ability to export statistics, sort out shop items and extended browser compatibility.


editar-supervisor Nubitalk 2.1.5.

OneContact CC also registered significant improvements. Concerning security features, several enhancements were made regarding password complexity, minimum length, password history, among other enhancements.

Regarding Outbound Operations, it is possible to schedule contacts for specific time zones and imported groups can be grouped in lists, allowing lists to be prioritized within a specific service. If needed, supervisors can access contact center activity in real-time, via iOS or Android app, facilitating supervision and agents can perform operations through the mobile app.

With OneContact latest version, it is now possible to transfer Twitter and Facebook requests to different services, avoiding passing to another agent. Moreover, the email forward windows also supports attachment visualization, facilitating user navigation on the platform.

Regarding CRM connectors, the SalesForce plugin Connector integration allows to communicate with a SalesForce API, registering and closing SalesForce activities when a call is placed or terminated. Concerning SugarCRM connector, the new version allows a native integration within the contact center HomeTab, automated popups of incoming caller contact for different types of media, instant creation of call activity and the most prominent feature – creation of an enterprise contact center in under 5 minutes.

All these these updates give managers and supervisors a set of new insights and tools, contributing to a more efficient and effective decision-making process.


Finally, for the first time in Collab’s history, our event CollabXperience 2017 took place in sunny Lisbon, where all of us, including partners, had great expectations. Fortunately, CollabXperience’17 delivered a memorable event for everyone! Different visions and experiences were shared, enriching Collab’s ecosystem and strengthening relations among partners.



Other events, such as Customer Experience Summit 2017, CRM Ireland 2017, presented themselves great venues for Collab to discuss ideas and insights concerning Artificial Intelligence, Automation and Bots.

Customer Experience Summit 2017


Regarding prizes, Collab was awarded with the Gold Award for Global Technology, for the 5th year in a row by APCC (Portuguese Association of Contact Centers), recognizing the continuous effort and the solid work developed.

Collab Gold Award for Global Technology 2017


We can proudly say that 2017 was one of Collab’s greatest years, reaching the biggest number in terms of clients and partners worldwide, solidifying our position within the Contact Center industry. Significant landmarks were conquered in 2017 with the promise to deliver even better results and achievements for 2018 for all partners and clients! We count on you to make 2018 the greatest year ever!


We count on you to make 2018 the greatest year ever!

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