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We have developed a place for all Partners to find out Collab’s latest developments, share questions and learn from one another.

A collaborative space for making suggestions, debate useful topics and help boost your business.

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Community Topics split into 6 main topics:



A general discussion area where all the users can introduce themselves.


Official announcements, such as releases, news, statements and important information can be found here.

Integrations/ Customizations

This section is meant for all the requests related to Integrations & Customizations concerning Collab products and services.

General Discussion

Discussions related to Collab portfolio & ecosystem that don’t fit in another sub-forum sections.

Marketing / Pre-Sales

This section is meant for all the requests related to Marketing & Pre-Sales such as products and services materials, event information and webinars.

Product Feedback & Requested Features

Help us understand what you need the most – share your detailed use case and upvote other users’ suggestions to inform the responsible team.



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