Collab is proudly participating in one of the most relevant Customer Experience events of Malaysia –  Customer Experience Summit 2017 by the invitation of our partner Microtel. During 22 and 23 November, top professionals such as Ron Kaufman, Paul Stewart, Scott Friedman among other experts will deliver valuable talks surrounding Customer Experience.

Under the topic – Customer Experience – Expounding the possibilities, Carlos Vasconcelos, ‎Executive VP Global Marketing Collab, will share useful insights concerning “AI powered Customer Journeys”. The role of Cognitive Augmentation and AI, among other practical use cases, will be explored and explained how can benefit the Contact Center industry.

Check below the agenda details:

Summit DAY 1

Time What’s on
7.30am onwards Registration and Coffee
MORNING SESSION Opening Address by President of CCAM – Byron J. Fernandez
8.30am onwards The Need for Transformation – Manoj Menon
  Unlocking New Possibilities through the ON-BRAND Experience – Paul Stewart
  Morning Break
  Uplifting Service – Ron Kaufman
  Lunch Break
AFTERNOON SESSION [case study] “Navigating the Storm – Turning Celcom around via CX” – Rene Werner
  A regional view to how CX is helping businesses progress
  Transformational Journey Expounded – Martin Porges
  Tea Break
  Delivering unmatched customer experience through GENESYS – Jean-Marc Provost
  [panel] What is Digitalization doing for Customer Experience? – Moderator: Andy Cranshaw
  Celebrate! Lessons Learned From the World’s Most Admired Organizations – Scott Friedman
 6.00pm Wrap-up of Day 1


Summit DAY 2


Time What’s on
7.30am onwards Business Networking and Light Refreshments
9.00am onwards Recap of Day 1 by Chairperson -Vigneswaran Sivalingam
  Shifts in the Marketing Landscape – Anwar Jumabhoy
  [case study] New tricks by an old hand – Digital Innovation @ AIA – Troy Barnes
  Morning Break
  AI powered customer journeys – Carlos Vasconcelos
  [case study] Better Brighter – Powering The Nation – Ir. Parameswaran/Kovind Jeganathan
  [case study] The Microsoft way – Sandra Goh
  Lunch Break
 AFTERNOON SESSION [panel] The most underrated part of CX – Moderated by Roshan Thiran
  Meeting of Minds – A world café and “speed dating” exploration – George Aveling with 8 Table Moderators
  Tea Break
  Meeting of Minds (cont’d) with Observation – George Aveling with 8 Table Moderators
  Delivering the Possibilities
  Wrap up and Closing Remarks by Chairperson – Vigneswaran Sivalingam
 6.00pm END


For further details, please chech Customer Experience 2017 website!


Hope to see you at CX Summit 2017!

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