Gamification 2.10.0 introduces significant improvements on the platform making it more customizable:

1.Animated activities: when a player enters a challenge he can see an animation displaying the position of each player in a trackline.

The green bar is animated and it shows in which part of the bar the players are (in case there is more than one player in that activity). When clicking in the icon, it’s possible to see the name of the players doing the challenge and what percentage have they concluded so far.

2. Complete player list: Administrators have now access to the complete list of players according to the amount of medals they won.

3. Filters on Dashboards: On the Administrator/Supervisor dashboard, it’s possible to check KPI values for Workgroups and filter by type.

4. Reporting: Provide reporting inside the Gamification platform. Wheel of fortune, store and login are some of the new tabs in this reporting field.

One of the newest features is also the possibility to hover with the mouse over a player’s picture and it shows his/her level and rewards.

Partners can check out our Knowledge Base for more specific technical details here .

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