Gamification 2.7.0 introduces significant improvements on the platform, making it easier to navigate and extract relevant information regarding players’ activity:

  • Check the last login timestamp and total amount of players’ logins
  • A daily email can now be sent to players with an activity summary
  • Credits’ evolution graphic was added, showing agents used and available credits
  • Define a minimum number of KPI’s the user must have in order to participate.
  • Option to show a leaderboard on the wallboard page

 It is now possible to see the last login timestamp and the number of logins of players, when exporting entities.

last login Gamification 2.7.0

Furthermore, last login timestamp should also appear on players’ table.

Additionally, players can now receive a summary at the end of the day via email, with KPI evolution, winning agents and top leaderboard players.

On the agent side, it is possible to check used and available credits on player’s portal statistics.

credits evolution graphic gamification 2.7.0

Concerning the administrator, it should be possible to create a player, on the tab “Players”.

create player gamification 2.7.0

Regarding the platform, there is an available option to show a leaderboard on the wallboards page.

LeaderBoard 2.7.0


  • Wallboard only shows either charts or tables
  • Show top 10 players of a challenge
  • Leaderboard should be visible after a configurable offset
  • Leaderboards list should be displayed in current period/semester/year

Finally, wallboard designed has been improved, enhancing usability on the platform.

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