What is Gamification?
Gamification uses game mechanics and game design techniques to create a game like experience during the work period. The main purpose is to make work more appealing, motivating and fun while still trying to meet company goals.


How does it make sense in a contact center?
Contact centers have one of the highest staff rotation rates in the industry and also one of the lowest age averages. Hence, creating a mechanism that motivates and promotes employee loyalty makes perfect sense. Three key vectors:

    1. Structuring and ad-hoc world:

Many contact centers already offer awards and prizes, but most often in a manual way. By creating fully structured leaderboards, quests, challenges and achievements, you will bring coherence and efficiency to this process.

    1.  Managing the agent lifecycle:

Agents often don’t understand their career potential. By providing them with a clear roadmap of evolution (trainee-junior-senior), where experience points can be used for entering internal promotion contests, it all contributes to a better and clearer agent lifecycle.

    1. Integrating technologies in a perfectly optimized workforce ecosystem: 

A true workforce optimization process means creating a symphony between Quality Monitoring, Workforce Management, E-Learning and other technologies available. The gamification engine offers the perfect flow, continuously feeding these different technology blocks.

Setting up a gamification platform.
To start a gamification platform one must first decide which events to include and what purpose are they going to serve. Our approach on this is to have three different types of events: Quests, Challenges and Achievements, each one serving a different purpose.


  •  Quests:
    •  Quests set up goals that must be overcome to achieve a reward, this type can be completed by everyone that has accepted the quest, and there is no competition involved.

Quest example:
“The morning bird catches the worm, arrive on time every day for a week.”


  • Challenges:
    • Challenges are competitions where everyone must try to achieve the same goal faster or better than everyone else. Challenges will only reward top finishers.

Challenge example:
“Beat the average, stay above the average answered calls of your service until the end of the day.”


  • Achievements:
    •  This type will highlight feats and milestones, these may require some sort of expertise or just by doing something for a certain amount of time.

Achievement example:
“First year, congratulations you have been working with the company for a year!”

The shop, collecting rewards
Regarding rewards we have chosen that instead of associating them directly with the completion of events, we created a shop and a currency that is used to redeem prizes, we called it CC Credit. This currency is awarded on event completion.

The shop will have different types of rewards, each one will have its own cost, there can be rewards with high costs like for example an extra day of vacation or low cost rewards like for example a chocolate bar. The good part is that everything on the shop is customizable allowing platform administrators to create rewards.

leaderboards (2)new_shop

Gamify your Contact Center with our 2.5 suite – OneContact and OneWorkforce
With the gamification engine of suite 2.5 we are creating a platform that can be connected to OneWorkForce, OneContact or any other 3rd party software. By doing this, your current Key Performance Indicators can be used to create Quests, Challenges and Achievements that will become available to your agents.

Gamification aims to increase motivation, loyalty, competition, teamwork, productivity and fun in your Contact Center.

A famous quote says “humans are gaming animals, because we all strive to compete, get better and improve at something”. With our new platform, gamification in your contact center is one switch away

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