The proliferation of digital solutions allowed customers to have control over business… today, we are living in “the age of the customer”. Consumers want to be able to contact your company, on their preferred channel (voice, e-mail, web, social media, etc.), then expect a fast effortless service culminating with a consistent and personalized experience across all touch points.

To create a long term relationship with these clients, organizations need to know what they are saying, understand their needs and respond effectively to increasingly high expectations. The VoC is what the consumer says and feels about a service / product / business. However, the VoC can be sometimes lost, in all the different communication channels. Technology can help unify and analyse all the data. This way, the VoC feedback is fully accurate and the company receives all the insights about their customers.

Collab has integrated in its portfolio, solutions that enable contact centers to collect, monitor and analyse the consumers´ interactions, across multiple communications channels. With this data companies can improve operational performance and empower agents to provide a great customer experience.

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