The new digital society is making how we communicate, socialize, purchase, acquire information, learn, and solve problems, change faster than ever. We increasingly use technology-based devices (smartphones, tablets, computers, kiosks…) as the instruments of choice to address our daily needs.

This new context begs a reflection on the role of organizations in the communications market. It’s time for organizations to talk to, understand and help Internet Users.

As humans, we will always value audiovisual contact with our interlocutors. While over 2.6 billion people worldwide are using the Internet regularly, we still need to see and hear the other party for building confidence and developing relationships in business or personal exchanges.Today’s Contact Center should adopt new concepts to promote human relationships through technology. The “humanization of technology and process” lets organizations adapt technology to our daily lives, add a differential value to relations “Man-Machine” and engage customers in new ways, using new channels, with new possibilities; for example Video communications. Understanding how technology and processes are changing the Contact Center will help to humanize millions of individual interactions and ultimately make a positive impact on society as a whole.

How Collab is easing the change

Collab develops solutions for new-generation, IP-based, multimedia/multichannel Contact Centers that make for a simpler, more humane customer experience. One of our development lines focuses on letting Internet Users engage an agent or perform self-service actions over Web portals or smartphones. However, new interaction devices and new channels only hint at a wider set of market demands.

We deem this multi-channel approach a key and decisive factor. These business strategies to manage and report on Internet Services are the “tip of the iceberg” for new market trends.

A few Collab tool highlights:

1. Web Collaboration engage customers under new paradigms:

a. ClickToVideo, Video Call: in the contact center, video offers a much richer customer experience than a voice call or an e-mail. Video is remarkably useful in helpdesks (healthcare, emergency services, technical assistance, etc.); in confidence-building situations (banking and financial services); and in the entertainment or tourism industries. For instance, a world-renowned telco uses Collab OneContact in Portugal as a hearing-impaired helpdesk service.
Video technology, delivered through tablets, smartphones and kiosks, adds a differential value to current human-machine relationships.

b. ClickToChat, Web Chat: real-time conversation facilitating instant exchange between the user and the Contact Center agent.
After the conversation, it’s possible to continue or extend the communication via email, or schedule a subsequent call for a greater loyalty.

  c. ClickToCall, Voice Call: a set of applications for transmitting voice over the Internet

d. ClickToCallBack, Call Scheduling: the agent will call the customer after the customer fills in a web form with their number and preferred data on.

2. Social Media – engage customers across new channels:
allows communication through Facebook or Twitter, any post or tweet automatically reaching the Contact Center and is processed under all established distribution rules, and monitoring and control criteria

3. Email – automation is simplification:
reply to emails and get receipt notifications; analyze received messages for keywords and content; forward received messages to the right recipients; control of historical mail interactions and responses.

Summing up

Technology is meant to be a tool for improving our lives, and we rely on it daily – and increasingly – to reach our goals.

Internet-based, multi-channel, real-time technological solutions interactions that augment the capabilities of expert agents are the answer to new customer expectations, who demand to be able to reach organizations through whichever means available to them (smartphones, tablets, computers, kiosks).

The Collab Contact Center solutions suite has been designed from the ground up to offer expected simplicity and efficiency, and to bring a humane touch to the technology and processes in the Contact Center.

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