People must be able to communicate in real-time even when there is some kind of physical barriers between them. Different devices like cell phones, tablets and laptops should be used for communicating. The kind of communication is also changing: people don’t want to establish a voice call, theywant to establish a voice call and send a photo during that call; people want to be able to do a video conference call but to present a slideshow during the call.

That’s when Unified Communication (UC) enters your life.

Unified communications integrates all real-time communication services like instant messaging, presence, desktop sharing, audio and video calls as well as audio and video. This is not necessarily a single product but a single unified user-interface and user experience that exists across multiple devices and the different forms of interaction.

For example, one user can receive a voicemail message and choose to listen to that voicemail message either in the user web portal page or receive it as an attachment via e-mail. This is, in fact, an OneContact PBX feature!

OneContact PBX

OneContact PBX is moving into this new age by providing a lot of the unified communications functionalities like having a unique extension in several devices, audio and video conferencing, and voicemail messages playable in the user web portal or sent by e-mail.

Among the big list of features of OneContact PBX’s mobile applications, unified convergence can be found, for example, when the user is allowed to choose between receiving the call via VoIP or using his GSM network. Presence is also available in the mobile application and allows to see other devices (that don’t have to be mobile applications) presence.

Instant messaging (IM) was identified to be the next great unified communication feature addition to OneContact PBX. Implementing the IM functionality will allow OneContact PBX users to communicate and interact with other OneContact PBX’s users within the same tenant. And why should a user be limited to interact via IM only with his company contacts? OneContact PBX’s IM implementation will allow integration with other unified communications software deployed in the company like Skype or Microsoft Lync. We are working on this right now and  this is going to launched until the end of 2014!

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