ClickToInteract blends together ClickToCall with Audio (or Video) and Instant Messaging with some new tweaks. The interface was fully revamped, and the technology behind it changed to comply with the latest HTML standards.

OneContact and ClickToInteract
ClickToInteract is a simple way to interact with a contact center without the need to wait for an agent to call your customers. It uses WebRTC technology without the need of a plugin to let them call a contact center free of charge by using only their everyday browser and computer microphone and/or webcam.

Further to adapting to available bandwidth, ClickToInteract offers remarkable high-quality audio and real-time, the latter thanks to the best use of the VP8 codec.


How does it work?
Using ClickToInteract is as simple as it should be: your customer picks a desired interaction type from audio, video or IM; then the reason for contacting; and clicks a button. That’s it. They’re automatically set up to interact with a contact center agent.

So, why complicate?
Do away with the cost and complexity of having different applications for the same purpose. ClickToInteract gives your customers an all-media support in a single solution. Higher quality, higher simplicity.


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