The focus in the customer and in providing an excellent experience is transforming the way companies operate. Consumers seek personalized solutions and businesses should be able to go beyond the presence in multiple channels, offering a standard and omnichannel service. Furthermore, studies show an evolution in consumer behaviour, 73% of the individuals mentioned that valuing their time is the most important thing companies can do to offer them a good service. (Forrester Research)

In the contact center the IVR (voice or visual) is a powerful tool used for self-service with the goal to deliver easy and effective support. It helps also to filter the interactions, redirect communication, save agents and customers´ time and reduce operational costs. The visual IVR has become also particular strong, with the increase of digital devices. Customers want to be able to use their smartphones or apps to interact at any time, find easily the information and perform a variety of activities without ever losing the context.

Collab IVR system is an efficient solution for inbound inquires, surveys, contests, outbound notifications, among others. It collects feedback in real time and allows a complete analysis of the results.

Besides the IVR, Collab has also available another self-service technology based on the new Facebook bot Messenger, allowing the programming of bots and their behaviour in a call center environment. This way, we integrated in OneContact CC and in SugarCRM this API that enables companies and their customers to communicate live via bot messenger, visualizing the client profile and interactions history.


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