Background noise: no longer ignorable
A modern contact center typically sits hundreds of agents in the same room, many of them speaking at the same time. While resource rationalization is in every business manager’s mind, the background noise generated may disturb, or in extreme cases disrupt, the communication between an agent and their contact. Ignoring this leads to exhausted agents, unhappy contacts and, ultimately, lost business.

OneContact and noise suppression
As you might expect of a leading-edge engineering solution, OneContact is on your side in tackling yet another problem. It doesn’t simply suppress noise: it does so suiting your needs, which should come as no surprise. After all, that is one of OneContact’s hallmarks.

How does noise suppression work?
By analysing the audio captured by an agent’s microphone, it is possible to tell whether the agent is talking or not.
Background noise can thus be suppressed so as to offer customers a more pleasant experience while talking to agents.
Since no two interactions are alike, analysis can be tuned on a case-to-case basis for best results.

Better agent and customer experience = better business
Next time you redesign your floor plan, just reassess a few parameters, and you are ready to go.
Your business will roll along without another concern, and your customers will appreciate the quiet. As to your agents, well, they will surely thank you – without making much noise about it.


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