With Nubitalk 2.1.7 new release, sign-in and logout pages can be customized, offering enhanced value to resellers’ client base. Furthermore, it is also possible to import phone extension lists and use a 3rd party SIP phone extension:

  • Redirect users to specific webpages when signing-in and logging out from the webportal
  • Upload extension list in .xls format
  • Use a 3rd party SIP phone extension via 3rd party software

From now on, Resellers are going to be able to customize Nubitalk sign-in page redirection (when closing the login modal), logging-out redirection from webportal or both, as defined in the example below:



Additionally, Office Phone extensions lists can easily be uploaded to the portal using a .xls file:

In the extension list window, clickstep4 Extension List Upload

buying extensions 00 Nubitalk

As the pop-up appears,  click    to upload the extensions file, in .xls format and click close to finish the process:

step5 Extension List Upload

An email will be sent with the result of the operation. This can take a while depending on the number of extensions.

Finally, a 3rd party SIP phone extension can be added via a 3rd party software used in the computer.

3rd party Extension Softphone

For further details concerning the configuration please click here.



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