Collab’s cloud contact center platform natively integrates with SugarCRM and automates the omni-channel experience.

So, imagine your customers have a business operating on-line and with physical shops, with Collab and Sugar you can keep track of all calls, emails, chats, social posts and store visits.


The new version of our SugarCRM connector allows :

1)      Native integration within the contact center Hometab (for immediate feedback)

2)      Automated popup of incoming caller contact, for any media (calls, social posts, emails, chat or video sessions)

3)      Instant creation of call activity within SugarCRM, with the chat history or voice recording associated

4)      “Click-to-dial” button within SugarCRM, to a lead or contact

5)      One step integration with our cloud offering (Nubitalk) – this allows you to create an enterprise contact center in under 5 minutes


Our goal is to provide our users with an incredibly easy and straightforward integration between both worlds : CRM and CONTACT CENTER.


For further details about SugarCRM integration please check our presentation




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