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With the brand new Nubitalk version, several features concerning screen recording, agent notifications, enhanced recording, IM conversations, click2interact branding options, among others are now accessible for supervisors, managers and users:

Screen recording is available via WebRTC – Supervisors can record their agents’ screen activity, capturing whatever goes on in the entire screen throughout an interaction while the interaction’s audio is ignored.

Note: OneWebScreenRecorderService is supported by OneAgentWeb, OneAgent and on IE11 and Chrome:

onewebscreenrecorder Nubitalk

It is now possible to send emotion icons on conversations…

click2interact emojis Collab

… and to receive the conversation by email if the conversation took place on the chat or if at least 1 interaction was made. In case the email was not provided before, the user will have the possibility to give it at the end of the conversation.  Moreover, if the email was not found, the user is allowed to re-enter it and try again.

Chat_email OneContact CC 3.4

If the users desire to start a new interaction, just simply go to Click here


Additionally,  managers and administrators can define click2interact branding using external url’s:

OneContact 3.4 branding

click2interact branding

As can be seen above, the header image can be selected according to the manager’s preference.

OneAgentWeb branding can be configured in OneSupervisor. One possible way to do it is via an URL (download picture from url and to return the file):

OneSupervisor branding


Whenever needed, the user can also upload files and receive a clickable link (masked with the file name) for download, making it easier to exchange files. On the other hand, Agents can be notified about client’s IM messages. When the user’s current web page is not the OneAgentWeb page, the agent receives a notification with a preview of the message received:

instant messaging Nubitalk Collab


Concerning OneSupervisor, all form fields are now configurable and WebMessenger should be included in ClickToInteract as IM media type.

From now on, OneWebMessenger supports several tenants/instances under the same installation, including authentication.

Regarding reporting features, it is possible to Report interaction on arrival date. Offered interactions should be visible at the time of their arrival and not only after they are handled.

reports interaction history


ClickToInteract has the following browser’s compatibility:

compatibility browser


As one of the new features of OneContact CC 3.x, the IMAP and SMTP protocols are now used to manage emails. Creating email services is easier than ever:

MAP and SMTP protocols are used to manage emails.


Until now, you could only have a conference call with 3 participants. From now on, the conference call or conference room can have up to 1024 participants. Moreover, a conference call allows a conversation between several participants, for example, between a customer, an agent and a supervisor.

conversation configuration Nubitalk Contact Center


Finally, regarding Social Media updates, users can transfer a social media interaction between Twitter and Facebook.


For further information about the newest features, please check the knowledge base –

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nubitalk new release

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