The latest OneContact (OC) release comes packed! Here are some of the new features OC customers can now enjoy:

OneContact (Messenger) – group messages by origin number
The agent can now see the last 50 instant messages from a given customer (same origin number), split by day. This means an agent can view all relevant past interactions for a given customer in one place.

OnePhone (Web) – integration in OneSupervior
OnePhone web supports voice and video and is now integrated with OneSupervisor to provide a better user experience.

OneAgent – notification about interactions
Agents are now notified about Push Interactions and must click to accept the interaction. This means that, once an interaction is received, agents are indeed ready to handle it.

OneContactService (ServerManager) – criteria for supervisor help request
When an agent requests help, supervisors are contacted according to the following criteria:

1. Random order within available Team Supervisors;
2. Random order within available Service Supervisors.

This allows a better work distribution between supervisors.

For more information on additional product enhancements and bug fixes, please read the full release note or contact us.


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