OneContact Release

With OneContact v2.5.4.8, valuable new features were introduced to AgentWeb and OneSupervisor allowing further customizations and time savers regarding users’ actions:

  • UseTunneling component added to enable/disable OneAgentWeb tunneling.
  • Changing NotReady reason without passing through ready state in between.
  • Show additional columns in monitoring standard views.

The new component UseTunnelingProtocol enables to control if OneAgentWeb should use tunneling. As an example, if WebRTC fails and UseTunnelingProtocol is turned off, the agent will be logged out of the platform

OneContact Agent Tunneling


Concerning OneSupervisor, Agents are now able to change the Not Ready Reason without having to pass through Ready State.

OneContact New Release

Furthermore, whenever deemed necessary, users are now able to add additional relevant columns in the standard monitoring views.




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