With OneContact CC, supervisors and managers have brand new options available concerning recordings’ compression, resetting statistics according to local time zone and configuring record management options by instance.

Supervisors are now able to decide what type of compression they want to use, when exporting recordings. For example, a high compression means a high CPU usage but low network bandwidth. On the other hand, a low compression means low CPU usage but high network bandwidth.


Collab OneContact compressor configuration

Exports’ compression level can be configured in web.config. Accepted values are:

  • NONE
  • LOW
  • HIGH

In the past, reset statistics were occurring at midnight server hour. From now on, in a multi-tenant scenario, the time zone logic is implemented in order to allow reset statistics at midnight according to the respective region.

Supervisors and managers can also configure record management options by instance.

With OneMediaCompressor, it is possible to configure the move, compress and delete parameters by instance. When defined, the instance parameters override the physical location parameters.

Concerning language options, Hungarian is now also available on OneAgentWeb:

OneContact CC - OneAgent Web


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