OneContact CC

The newest OneContact brings a handful of useful features, such as SQL Server 2017 support, possibility to check transferred emails, disconnect stuck calls, configuration of Supervisor Outbound priority services’ contacts, among others:

  • Display From and To OneContact service/email addresses
  • Disconnect calls that are stuck in component.
  • OneAgentWeb sounds less loud
  • SQL Server 2017 full support
  • Supervisor’s Contact List Management – Top Priorities

OneSupervisor now offers the possibility to Supervisors and Managers to check from where and to the email was transferred, providing decision makers with additonal insights.

Additionally, OneProxy can look for stuck calls in the component and disconnect them (if needed) at a defined cleanup hour. OneProxy removes all the memory elements and all gateway’s calls older than X hours on the parameter CleanUpTerminationTime, as seen in the example below:

CleanUpHour OneContact New Release


  1. Insert CleanUpHour parameter with the value between 0 and 23.
  2. Insert CleanUpTerminationTime (max duration for each call in OneProxy), with the value in seconds. The default value is 86400s (24 hours).

New OneAgents sounds were added, with adjusted volume sounding less loud, thus contributing to a smoother user experience on the plataform.

SQL Server 2017 is now fully supported, helping partners and clients that already migrated to the newest version:

SQLServer2017 OneContact CC


Regarding Contact List Management,  supervisors are now able to setup contacts as top priority in Outbound services (before calls being established), which will make them go up in the contact’s list.

For example, to define a specific contact as top priority in OneSupervisor, just check the box Top Priority:

If the default status of a certain contact needs to be changed then just go to Contact List Setup and check Default Value:

Top priority - supervisors OneContactCC


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