Contact centers are usually the first point of contact for customers, especially in emergency cases and in complex situations like technical support, complaints, product information, among others. To respond effectively to increasingly high expectations, agents need to be constantly updated on products, services and campaigns. Therefore, training and upgrading of individual / collective skills is critical, not only for contact centers, but for all organizations that adopt continuous improvement methodologies.

However, it is difficult for contact centers to:

  • Access when agents need training;
  • Know which skills should be improved;
  • Relate agent´ skills with key performance indicators (KPIs);
  • Invest in expensive coaching sessions;

Collab has a built-in eLearning tool designed to:

  • Offer quick training to a greater number of employees;
  • Provide the appropriate coaching in the right moment;
  • Engage and motivate agents with interactive learning;
  • Manage entire agents’s training curriculum during their careers;
  • Reduce high costs of the face-to-face training;

This solution can be integrated with our products: OneContact CC, OneContact WFO or with Collab Gamification engine. More information in OneContact eLearning Brochure or contact us to

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