OneContactUC 3.0.0

OneContact UC latest version simplifies daily tasks and unifies login to the plataform:


  • Users are now able to use Collab’s new Identity Server – OneContact Login


  • When opening OneContactUC in another tab/browser/device, the previous session is automatically closed.


  • User is capable to log in and log out of the respective services, via new options added to the user interface.


Similarly to other products (OneContact PBX 3.0.0, Gamification 2.6.0), users are now able to use OneContact Login, which is being implemented across products.

Additionally, OneContactUC now enables the user to log in and log out of the services he belongs to via new switches that have been added to the user interface.

Finally, OneContactUC will lose its login page and the users will start authenticating in Collab’s Identity Server – OneContact Login


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