wfo release

OneContact WFO version

The latest OneContact WFO version is the first one to include the brand new OnePlan HTML5 version.

Keeping in mind that Flash technology will no longer be supported by 2020, here at Collab, we are already looking ahead and working on a fully OneContact WFO migration to HTML5, starting off with OnePlan.


wfo release

wfo release

Moreover, the newest release contributes to an enhanced UX & UI for supervisors & managers:

  • Top and Lateral Menus

The lateral view contains the plan name, start and end dates.

  • Create Chart Panel

The Chart Panel view is where the user can find detailed information about the Demand and Capacity for each service associated to the plan

  • Lateral Menu and Top Bar Integration

Integration and implementation of lateral menu and top bar. These features include options such as:

– Generate the plan
– Check the agent, team(s) and service(s) lists
– Change between WFO modules
  • Change duration/Start time of the shifts graphically

Drag and drop feature to enlarge or reduce duration/start time of the schedules.

wfo release wfo release

For the upcoming months, our partners and clients can expect some novelties concerning OneMonitor,  OneBackOffice, OneForecast and OnePortal.


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wfo release

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