The latest OneContact CC release brings significant enhancements to the platform, contributing to a greater user experience, increased performance and efficiency to OneContact CC.

Agent login is easier than ever with the automatic login feature allowing to a smoother and quick login for the agent. As an example, in case the automatic login feature is enabled, the agent will be logged in with the Window user and domain credentials.

agent login OneContact CC

From now on, CallControl exceptions will have explicit messages, elucidating managers and supervisors on the type of error occurring.

As an example:

With One Supervisor, system administrators can view, create, edit, duplicate or delete roles. When creating a role there will be an option to choose to which kind of user the role will apply to (“Agents” or “Supervisors/Administrators”) and only tasks associated with the type of user selected will be available to be assigned to the role.


role creation onecontact cc

A pop-up appears asking which kind of user role will be created: Agents or Supervisors/Administrators:

new_role_creation onecontact cc


This latest release is aimed to simplify Supervisor and Managers’ tasks in the platform, facilitating user management, information error management and easier login process.

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