OneContact PBX

Local extension used in hardphones (standard SIP compatible);

Fixed-mobile convergence application. Use your smartphone as your corporate extension;

Access the operator console in any device, web browser, tablet and smartphones. Manage several simultaneous calls, transfer, hold, mute, conference, dial from list, full contact details, and call history.

It is possible to manage multiple entities (company, department) in a single installation. All the administration configurations can be made in through the web.

Voice or visual menu, which routes calls to extensions, groups, inbound campaigns or phone numbers. Manage and customize predefined templates in an easy way. Set IVR actions in and out office hours and define IVR options based on DTMF.

Set of extensions that can be managed as a single entity. Groups are useful to implement distribution strategies (sequential, random; parallel; pick-up).

Define a set of routing decisions to extensions (always, busy, fail, schedule, timeout).

Presence service keeps and publishes information about the presence status. Users can define new status. 

Based on a set of dialling rules, identifies which calls are allowed to perform: (can be internal, national, and international or with no limits;

When all your extensions are busy, incoming calls will stay in a “waiting queue”. You can use a text to speech message or use your own audio file to enhance your customer experience. 

Each extension can have an voicemail system. It includes sending e-mails with a recorded message, voicemail for groups and integration with external voicemails.

Registers all received or answered calls, date, time, duration and destination

Allows the user to make a call request via a web portal. Through a simple "click" it is possible to call a contact. 

The system has statistical data for total number of calls, received, answered, missed, and average minutes, among others.

Access reports and service configuration according to your time zone. 

Flexible and customized with complete data on all operations. Integration with billing systems via CDR.