With OneContact WFO newest version, OneForecast authentication has been improved and full migration to HTML5 has been implemented:

✓ Create Chart Panel

✓ Create Top and Lateral Menus

✓ Create ForecastList

✓ Generic Enhancements

The Chart Panel view is where the user can find detailed information about the KPIs for each service associated to the forecast and where time intervals can be changed, toggle between intra-day and global view, change graphic type, among other possibilities…

Chart panel OneForecast

Regarding the lateral view, it contains the forecast name, start and end dates, where users can manage forecasts, add exclusions and changes to forecasts, associate or dissociate services, change modules etc.

Menu_changes OneForecast

Forecast List represents the opening view of OneForecast. In this view the user can find the list of available forecasts.


Our partners can access full details on our Knowledge Base: https://support.collab.com/hc/en-us/articles/360007461673


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