OneContact WFO

Centralized and easy management of teams, agents, services, shifts, business rules and reports. All the configuration of these entities are set here.

Forecast based on historical information of each service. This way, it is possible to generate predictions for a certain period, based on past results or select another search option; add positive or negative growth rates; make immediate adjustments with alternative scenarios.

Plan schedules, staff management and definition of service level goals, according to the forecasts obtained in OneForecast. You can create what-if scenarios based on different KPIs.

Visualize in real-time the plan execution generated in OnePlan. The planned and actual indicators are displayed graphically for each service, as well as the agent adherence to the plan. In case of inconsistencies in the results are triggered alarms and warnings.

Centralized portal for agents and supervisors

  Agents can view, print schedules and see their daily KPI; set timetable constraints and vacations; enable shift exchanges with other agents. Send messages to supervisors; check the request status; 

Supervisors can approve / reject requests; send messages; compare graphically the agents´ KPIs.

This application allows you to monitor  your contact center activity, in real time, anywhere and anytime. Track your services and agents. Compare real vs planned indicators and analyse charts. Receive push notifications in case of emergency.

Increase motivation, performance / skills and staff retention rate, without reducing the service level. Improve KPIs through game dynamics. Gamification is based on missions, challenges and achievements that create a game like experience during the work time. The main purpose is to make repeating tasks more appealing, encourage collaboration and healthy competition, while "playing" to meet the company's goals.