Become a Partner

Be part of an innovative and winner project.

If you are a systems integrator counting expand your portfolio, an ASP or Telco counting integrate a telephony solution / IP hosted contact center or under pay-per-use, Collab can offer you a competitive and modern solution, combined with an unparalleled level of business and professional commitment in technical support services.

Our commitment:

• We do not sell directly.
• We value the knowledge of our partners with deformation and recycling programs.
• We work together with our partners to achieve the best possible solution.
• Our products can be implemented in precise physical premises or hosted in a private cloud model.

Our partners can:

• Install and configure operating services.
• Develop agent scripts and IVR.
• CRM Integrations with our SDK or our connectors.
• Create Custom Reports.
• Implement Quality Monitoring.
• Provide customer training sessions.
• Provide first and second line technical support.

You can join a highly motivated and energetic team that can help grow your business. In addition to increased sales and better profit margins, you will also find many opportunities to significantly increase revenues originated in your services.

Hosted Model

The lack of flexibility of some traditional PBX based solutions is causing an urgency to migrate to Voice over IP. This creates a perfect scenario to gain competitive advantage, furthermore in current worldwide economic conditions: facing the need to upgrade, some customers will surely opt for a hosted, no upfront-cost, full IP, model. In this scenario, Partner can act as the host, therefore gaining traction on a broad range of customers, using this hosted contact center as a first entry project.

The Distributed Contact Center

Some companies strongly benefit from a co-sourced distributed contact center model, in which some of the agents are internal to the company (the more skilled staff) and the others (for instance, for outbound campaigns) can be provided by the outsourcer. With a geographically distributed IP contact center, this scenario of co-sourcing is straightforward while maintaining all the sites fully integrated with OneContact.

Video contact centers

The acquired market position in Telcos can be a critical factor for the upcoming exponential growth of video contact centers in these Telcos. OneContact is, today, the technology supporting the Video contact center of Vodafone, the first visionary Telco to implement such a service and Claro in Brazil. This not only proves a technological breakthrough for Vodafone and Claro, but also serves as a stimulation of video call adoption for their customer base.

OneContact PBX

Telcos perceive a huge opportunity for market growth concerning the supply of IP PBXs as a network service. In a theoretical scenario, your company would partner with a Telco who would promote and sell the IP-PBX and provide the IP link to the customer; Your company would assume all the installation, integration and configuration in the customer VOIP network. This example is real in Portugal, with Portugal Telecom.