We are excited to announce a new version of OneContact QualityMonitoring (QM) that focus on simplifying access and operations management.

A new set of features make this possible:

Integration with OneContact CC

The OneContact QM 2.0.3 version is now fully integrated with the latest OneContact CC versions (including 2.5.4), which means users can now fully use OneContact QM capabilities.


The OneContact QM 2.0.3 version allows managing multiple tenants from the same admin account. This allows OneContact QM users to monitor their multiple tenants from a single access point.

Iterative agent evaluation process

It is now possible for evaluators to export agent evaluation reports to pdf files, as well as checking whether agents have accepted or rejected their evaluation marks. Agents can also give feedback on their evaluation to justify their acceptance or rejection. These features benefit both evaluators and agents because they transform the evaluation process in an iterative process and make it easier for both kinds of users to keep track of the evaluation process.

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