The SalesForce connector is a web application based on a simplified version of the OneAgent client application, which uses a plugin to provide basic operations like Login, Logout, Set Ready, etc., and telephony operations like Dial, Extend, Hold, Discard/Reschedule contacts.

This plugin integration is also responsible for communicating with a SalesForce API in order to register and close SalesForce-related activities when a call is initiated/terminated. It can improve productivity by providing fast and easy access to accounts, contacts, cases, and other SalesForce objects directly related to incoming/outgoing calls.

The dialed number/caller number is used to query SalesForce, and the results are maintained as links within the control, so that the user can have immediate access to the details of a particular contact.

To handle calls, a softphone (such as Collab’s OnePhone) or a hardphone with the same extension as the one assigned to the agent is required.

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