Every quarter of the year we present the key improvements in our products and talk about them. In this article, we present the innovations made available from April to June 2019.

We are constantly growing and adapting. Sharing our technical releases is part of our commitment to dialogue, evolution and transparency.


We are happy to present more OneContactPortal developments. The Portal has been receiving great feedback from our partners and clients. User experience is optimized and functionalities have been updated and ameliorated.

With OneContactPortal we provide several services in a single, intuitive and browser-based platform. To lead to this cohesive and coordinated user experience, OneContact PBX and Nubitalk Portal are now OneContact Portal.

On the Portal, you will find not only all the features available on OneContact PBX and on Nubitalk Portal but also a lot of new features that will help any Contact Center to create and manage a more productive team.
OneContact Supervisor met improvements and its migration into OneContact Portal will soon be complete.

If this piqued your interest, check the comparative print screens of the Portal below.

OneContact CC

The latest releases of OneContact CC had positive effects on the platform performance: 

  •  OneContactCC databases got adapted for SQL in-memory feature.
  • The Runtime tables were introduced, promoting a more efficient way to deal with data and a faster Portal.

Runtime tables are memory-optimized tables where the rows in the table are read from and written to memory which results in non-blocking transactions at super-fast speed.


Thanks to 2.11.0 and 2.12 Releases, several enhancements were made:

  • Added mystery gifts;
  • Player workgroups are now visible in their page;
  • Added expiration date to prizes;
  • Users now have to accept terms and conditions;
  • Supervisor Rewards implemented;
  • Supervisors can now receive a daily email;
  • Wheel of fortune improvements;
  • Improve performance on all achievement stored procedures.

For any questions regarding this article and product releases, send us an email to marketing@collab.com. If you are a partner or client of ours feel free to check the detailed release documentation in the knowledge database. 

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