Collab’s offers three major applications in its portfolio: OneContact CC, OneContact PBX and OneContact WFO. From an end user point of view, to create an inbound service, to setup a hunting group or to generate a team schedule are quite easy, simple and intuitive tasks. But in its core, all three product are multilayered and possess complex algorithms. To assume that humans are able to test all possible scenarios is a time versus cost company’s nightmare. And it’s absolutely incorrect.

The solution: test automation. It’s a known fact that setting up a fully functional and 100% test coverage automation scenario consumes time and resources that could be applied to other areas but, in the end, the benefits are more than evident:

  • time saving
  • fast
  • reliable
  • repeatable
  • reusable
  • coverage
  • cost reduction
  • quality

quality insurance

Here at Collab we are implementing this standard to guarantee the maximum quality in our products.

The test automation process begins with the programmer checking in his code into the source controller. The entire solution is then compiled at non-working hours, generating all necessary setups. These are executed automatically deploying the binaries in a test environment. Then the magic starts. Throughout the night common operation are executed like, for example, creating a new agent in OneSupervisor, provisioning a new terminal in OneContact PBX or importing agent’s historical information into OneContact WFO. When the process is completed, a report is generated.

In the next morning, the report is analyzed by the Research & Development team and Quality team. The necessary actions to correct possible problems are discussed among all team’s members. These actions are then implemented in the source code or in the test scripts, thus completing the cycle.

The final outcome? Excellent, robust and trustworthy applications.

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