Mobile devices are now part of people´s lives. They arrived to our world with the goal of simplifying our daily routine and entertain us.
The image below shows exactly this reality. Every year the use of smartphones and tablets has been increasing. This is a good thing for the regular user because he will have access to more services available on mobile, and also for companies to grow and expand their businesses in a new channel.

mobileSource: IDC: 87% of Connected devices sales by 2017 will be tables and smarthphones, Forbes

One of the reasons behind the growth of mobile devices relies on the reduced costs of connectivity.
It’s also remarkable, as you can see below, that users are spending more and more time online and are increasingly reachable, anytime, anywhere.

global smartphone

Source: Global Smartphone traffic to increase 8x by 2020, Statista

Collab soon realized that this was more than just a trend. For us, a Next Generation Contact Centre, now being called by analysts a “Customer Engagement Centre”, must ensure this change in paradigm. People are mobile, both customers and agents, planners, supervisors, experts, and technology must be an enabler for this mobility.

collab mobile apps

OneContact PBX Mobile
Our OneContact PBX includes a VoIP mobile app that brings flexibility and freedom to the standard office phone. With this app users can make and receive calls like if they were in the office, transfer calls, establish a conference and also chat with other users. This app has two flavours with advanced features: one is a standard VoIP softphone and the other is a complete operator console that can handle multiple calls and simultaneous transfers/conferences.

Collab apps can be rebranded / white labelled according to customer´s needs. Nubitalk, VDS, mCel and Talktalk are already displaying their corporate image with our mobile suite.

Check our apps in Google Play Store, Apple Store and Windows Phone Store!

OneContact Mobile
This app allows the final customer to interact with the contact centre and also choose the most comfortable way of doing it: Voice; Video; SMS; Chat; Social Networks, Click2Call, … With a visual IVR menu, clients experience a new way of communicating, through 3G or Wi-Fi. And many other features can be added like: a self-service menu where customers can get the info they need without taking agent’s time, specific geographical services, assistance, etc.
OneContact Mobile can be segmented into verticals for different markets, like Banking, Insurance, Telcos, Government, Industry and many others.

Check the app in Google Play Store and Apple Store!

OneWorkForce Mobile
The OneWorkForce app allows contact center planners and supervisors to monitor agent’s performance, verifying different KPIs like: Service Level (planned and lowest), Demand, Answered, Abandon Rate, Average Service Time, Agents and Average Speed of Answer and ultimately determine if the contact centre is running according to the desired goals.

This app is available in Google Play Store and Apple Store!

OneSupervisor Mobile
The OneSupervisor app allows supervisioning and monitoring of the contact centre in real time and anywhere.
In order to provide the best user experience, coherence, quality and design thinking practices were applied across all mobile platforms.

In sum, mobility is a key strategy for our portfolio, and the rise of Internet of Things (IoT) is creating a universe of opportunities that will for sure leverage our investments in this area.


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