The other day I got an email from a bank in which I have small savings with but no regular account movements.

The email said I had the right customer profile to be eligible for an American Express card without any yearly fees or added costs.. So “Mr Carlos just click here and we will get you an AMEX card”.

Since I didn’t have an AMEX, I clicked “there”… why not, it might come handy in a foreign country, I thought.

Later on the account manager calls me and says “sorry Mr Carlos, you don’t have enough interaction history with this bank, you cannot have the card you have requested”.

Now THAT really drove me angry.

1) I didn’t request any card… they offered it to me.
2) Although I may not be a good customer today… I may become a good prospective customer in the future, so why waste this opportunity?

PS – a couple days later they called me back trying to correct the mess… but you can guess what my answer was.

Our Vision

Companies should have a real time customer interaction engine that clearly shows emails, calls, social and marketing campaigns, independently of channel used and time lapsed.

By using Collab’s Customer Interaction Hub (CIH), this bank could clearly target which customers would be appropriate for an AMEX card and also have a complete view on their interaction history.

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