apcc 2018It is with great pride that Collab participated in the 14th Annual Conference organized by APCC, under the topic “Contact Centers Challenge: What we are and what we’ll be” as the Technological Innovation sponsor and was awarded for the 6th consecutive year.

Our partner Sogedes had the honour to participate and explain his vision on the topic “German Contact Center tech landscape – from trends to a fast moving reality”

Later on, Collab’s founder Pedro Quintas participated in the debate – “Tecnologia: O que podem esperar os Contact Centers no futuro próximo” (Technology: What Contact Centers Can Expect in the Near Future), talking about Digital Transformation, AI & Automation and Cloud readiness. Moreover,  the successful implementation of our Gamification solution in Vodafone Portugal was also mentioned.

As the sponsor of the Sunset Gin, everyone had the chance to network, share ideas and discover the secret recipe in our website.

Remember here the best moments:

APCC 14th Edição Collab




Artificial Intelligence Chatbots Collab

Hope you had a great day with plenty of insights and opportunities to network!


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