We are pleased to announce the launch of Collab Technical Blog, something totally new in our +11 years history. As a team, we have always listened and spoken to our customers in one-to-one initiatives as well as in conferences and events. We continuously take into consideration all the yearly customer satisfaction surveys and the feedback they incorporate.We also have our product management forum that receives inputs from all the stakeholders involved in projects…

But never before, in over 11 years of history, we had our Research & Development and Product Management teams write directly to the public.So the question can be… Why have we decided to do this? Because “we can :)”. Also because lots of important technical developments are under production and some of them make us really excited to share with you.

Also because 2013 was marked by tremendous success and we feel proud but with a stronger than ever sense of responsibility towards the future.While the final numbers are still being made public, we can disclose that 2013 was the best year ever in the history of Collab, and our brand is now gaining worldwide traction like never before. We have consolidated a network of partners WITH LIVE PROJECTS in +30 countries, we have entered Gartner Magic Quadrant and also a small but important achievement, we have acquired COLLAB.COM web domain.

So, without further notice, it is for me an honor to hand over the next posts to my colleagues Pedro Gomes, VP Research and Development and also Jose Luis Silva, VP Product Management. I am pretty sure you will enjoy knowing some of the new stuff before it is actually released. On behalf of the entire Collab team, thank you for your time reading along… we sincerely hope you will enjoy these posts as much as we are having fun writing them.

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